Why We Ask Questions

Why We Ask Questions
We can ask questions because we can have sure answers

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Do We Recognize Our Answers?

"I invite you to consider two experiences most of us have had with light.
The first experience occurred as we entered a dark room and turned on a light switch. Remember how in an instant a bright flood of illumination filled the room and caused the darkness to disappear. What previously had been unseen and uncertain became clear and recognizable. This experience was characterized by immediate and intense recognition of light.
The second experience took place as we watched night turn into morning. Do you recall the slow and almost imperceptible increase in light on the horizon? In contrast to turning on a light in a dark room, the light from the rising sun did not immediately burst forth. Rather, gradually and steadily the intensity of the light increased, and the darkness of night was replaced by the radiance of morning. Eventually, the sun did dawn over the skyline. But the visual evidence of the sun’s impending arrival was apparent hours before the sun actually appeared over the horizon. This experience was characterized by subtle and gradual discernment of light" - Elder David A. Bednar 

What a beautiful experience it is, to watch the sun rise. It is something you have to be prepared for. You cannot wake up whenever you want; go outside, and expect the sun to rise. The sun rises on it's own time. We cannot make it go faster, nor slow it down. We have no control over the sun, but it will always rise regardless of what we do. 
God works in a way similar to this. He will always answer our prayers, though they may not be received when we want them to be, nor in the way we thought, he always answers. In a talk given by one of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, Elder Richard G. Scott talked about receiving answers through prayer. He discussed that our Father in Heaven, is much like a parent on Earth. He wants to answer our questions, but he also wants us to learn and grow. A teacher in school doesn't give you all the answers and let you copy them off the board. She teaches you, and through your own experience, you gain more knowledge. 
I saw this not a long ago, when I was trying to decide what college to apply for. I had some very interesting options. There were pro's and con's to each. For those of you who know me well, you know decision-making is not my strong point. I agonized over this decision for months. I made it a matter of prayer, I consulted my mom and dad, they gave ideas and discussed their opinions,but I just felt flat rejected from God. I was getting nothing. I thought to myself constantly, "This is one of the most important decisions of my life, why wont God tell me where to go?" 

As I agonized over my decision, I remember talking with many people, and having them tell me that I have to make a decision first. Then I would receive help from God. So here I was with this problem. I needed to know what college to go to, and I was waiting God to tell me. While God was going to help after I had made my own decision. All this, and graduation was right around the corner. 

After some time, I realized that I needed to just make a decision, and let the chips fall where they may. So I picked my college, I put in my application, and I waited for some peace or comfort to come. I waited for some inclination that I had made the right decision to come, and I got....nothing, still. By this time, I was fed up because I wasn't being answered, nervous because I may have picked the wrong college, and frustrated because I might have messed everything up. (I tend to get overwhelmed and blow things out of proportion.) 

At last, in the mail, I got a letter from my school of choice. I gathered my family together to read whether or not I got accepted. I remember the feeling of anxiety as I opened up my letter, and the complete peace and love that filled my soul as I read the words, You have been Accepted. 

After the storm, Peace comes. 

I realize that college is a small prospect compared to that of losing a loved one, or being let go from a job, or even not being able to have children. There are many more questions and problems we have that are much bigger than where to go to college. Yet it mattered to me, and God answered my prayer. 

I know God answers prayers. I know it takes work on our part, and I know most times it is not easy. But I also know it is worth it, and we will be able to see light of truth in our lives enter as does the Sun rise over the sky. He will always answer.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I Lived in Heaven a Long Time Ago It Is True...

            Imagine a beautiful, peaceful scene of heavenly wonder. All around is calm. We are all waiting. Today is the day that has long been awaited. It's something completely new. Father is going to come and tell us the Divine Plan. There have been some whispers, and others who are older have been talking about their own ideas, but now is the time. We all gather with our brothers and sisters, as Father calls us to him. He tells us that we have learned so much, and He is so proud of us. We have progressed and learned so much from when we were just little intelligence's of matter. Then Father formed us into spirits, and we were able begin learning knowledge. Now the time has come for the next step in the plan. He tells us to look at his glorified body and how it is flesh and bone. The time has come, He tells us, for us to go to a place He and our elder brother Jesus have created. It is called Earth, and we will receive bodies just like Father. Your bodies will not look like mine, he says, they will be subject to pain and death and many other things. He tells us that when we receive our bodies, all sorts of new experiences will be available to us, things that aren't now because we don't have bodies. He tells us that we will go down in families, and that we will be able to learn and grow in these families. He tells us that the Plan is almost complete, but he needs someone, to go down to earth and receive a body, so that they can experience all the sorrows, sadness, and sins that this new life will have to offer. He needs someone to suffer all these things, and pay the price so that we can all return back to him.
           One of our brothers named Lucifer steps forward, and states "I will go, and I will make everyone do the right thing, so that everyone can come and return and live with you again Father, Then I will have the glory of bringing all your children back to you." The place is still and silence creeps over all of us. No one says anything. Then Jesus steps forward and says, "Father I will go down to Earth and suffer these things, that man may have the choice to accept Thy will and return to Thee if they will but repent." All of us anxiously wait for the Father to pick one of the two plans. Father then speaks, "I will allow my children to choose what they wish to do, if you wish to follow Lucifer, you may do so, but you cannot ever receive a body, for only those who to choose to go to Earth and experience life will receive a body." There is silence. We watch as Father casts Lucifer out, his own beloved Son of the Morning who is now a fallen angel. Many of our brothers and sisters chose to follow him, but those who did not were able to come to Earth and receive bodies and expereince life.
            We do not remember any of this anymore. Father told us that when we came to the Earth, we would pass through the Veil, and live by faith instead of sight. We would not remember our life in the Pre-mortal existence, or our beloved Father in Heaven, but we would still be able to learn of Him and rely on our faith and repentance and He would show us the way back to him.

Granted, this portrayal is not exactly how it happened. This is just how I think it played out, or how I picture it. However, we do know, that these things did happen. We know we were able to come to Earth and receive bodies. We know two plans were presented, and we know that Jesus Christ died for our sins so that we can return to live with God again if we will repent and come unto him. We do not remember the Pre-mortal existence, because we are expected to live by faith. If we could remember how glorious the Pre-mortal existence was, we would never want to sin for fear of never making it back because we KNEW exactly what awaited after we pass on from this life. Instead we must believe, and have FAITH. This is the test of life, and the way back to our Father in Heaven.

We lived there a long time ago, I know it is true.