Why We Ask Questions

Why We Ask Questions
We can ask questions because we can have sure answers

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"Mercy cannot rob Justice"

As y'all might know, I am a missionary, and in one of the lessons that we teach, called the Plan of Salvation, we talk about something called the Atonement. Recently the people we have been talking to and teaching have had questions concerning what is taught in this particular lesson. To demonstrate this point, we use an analogy found in the Bible.

The story is that of a man who wishes with all his heart to own something which is very much out of his reach. In wanting it so badly, he goes into debt, promising to pay off his debt to the creditor when the date comes that the money will be due. The days go by, and the debtor relishes in his newly owned possession, forgetting the about the day in which the money will be due. Yet the day does come, when the creditor comes to collect what is rightfully owed to him. The debtor must admit that he has not paid in full what he said he would when he signed the contract. The creditor tells him he will be sent to debtor's prison, and his possessions will seized. In anguish the debtor cries out, "Will you not extend mercy?" The creditor replies, "I do not believe in mercy, for it robs justice."

So here we are, with the two sides: On the one hand, the creditor should get what was promised in the contract, yet mercy should be extended to the debtor. How can both sides receive what they want?

The Mediator.

A friend of the debtor comes and explains to the creditor, that he will pay in full what the debtor owns, if he will in return release the debtor from prison. The creditor agrees, and the debtor is released. The friend then says to the debtor, "Your possessions now belong to me, I will allow you to work off the debt and retain possession of your items again. I will set the terms of the agreement, it will not be easy, but it will be possible."

What a wonderful blessing to be able to have a mediator. Christ is our mediator with the Father. When we sin and we do things wrong, we cannot enter into God's kingdom, but with the help of Christ, we can be forgiven of our sins as we turn our hearts to him and repent. Christ has set the terms of the agreement, and he has said, "It will not be easy, but it will be possible."

I want to bear my testimony, that I know of a surety, that because of the Atonement of the Savior in which he suffered for the sins of the world, I can be forgiven of my sins. I know that if I do my part and turn my heart to him and repent, my debt can be forgiven. It may not be easy, but it is possible.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Her Journey to the Truth

I have just recently become a Facebook missionary, and as part of that, I chose a picture for my profile. In my picture I am pointing to a picture of the Savior. A couple days later, a lady named Teena White messaged me on Facebook, and told me how much it meant to her to see a picture of the Savior. We got to talking and she related to me her story of how she found the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Days Saints. It was so wonderful, I asked if with her permission if I could post it to my blog so others could see it. She said that she would be happy to. :) So without further ado here is miss Teena White's story!

"Hello my name is Teena White, I'm From Alabama, I have been a member since August 1990. I had been searching for a church home for about 12-13 years and had been affiliated with so many of the sects. I studied with the Jehovah Witness's for 4 years in my Home couldn't commit to that, TV evangelist radio Tent revivals, Catholic, and I was a southern Baptist. Simply put, I was tired of the fluff and wanted to find my Friend I knew he was not in any of the other places nor could I feel his love, as reverence was not a known practiced word in many of the concert entertainment and more places I had attended for religion. I finally became livid, and said a prayer the best way I knew how, saying "I know the Bible says seek and ye shall find I have been looking for you all over the place, where are you?."

 I began to have reoccurring Dreams in which I could see the missionaries as plain as day. I was so excited. I happened to be Home alone in a town house apartment when I awakened to a voice telling me to get up there is someone I want you to meet, and before I could form a rational thought I was at my front door in no time; as if I had been placed there. I had 24 stairs to this day I do not recall coming down them at that time, I didn't have my key in my two dead bolt lock so I had to go out my back door. I went around the front of the apartments looked up and down the sidewalk both ways in search of someone after not seeing anyone I began to walk back to my back door and my rational thought was I must be loosing my mind. how do I call people to tell them I went outside to meet someone and no one was there,but before I could complete the thought the voice spoke again to me saying its okay, and that it was me who lead you.

 I went into the apartment and slept with great peace.  I'm guessing about the next day or so I was coming out of my u-rental office in the process of putting my about 8 -9 month infant on my hip, with my 6 year old son at my side when I looked up and saw the elders. At the time I didn't know what missionaries were so in my natural rational mind I thought, "what are they doing here and what are they selling?" I wasn't allowed to finish the rational thought as I was prompted to hurry, as my arm reached out in motion for them to come to me. They were in the process of putting their kick stands down. I got to them and asked them to follow me to my apartment they did. I unlocked my door placed my sons inside, and  turned to let them in. Their faces were radiating as if someone had taking the Sun out of the Sky and placed inside of them. The Savoir himself was standing behind them in the center letting me know this is we're I needed to Be. 

So in answer to my prayer ,"where are you, or seek and ye shall Find", He Does appear to his Children. They taught me in Two weeks and Baptized me. I know this Gospel is True, I know the Book of Mormon is True and will Bless the lives of all those who faithfully and Diligently read and search it, with a pure language and bring them closer to the Savior and keep them firmly planted in the Gospel. I know Joseph Smith was a True Prophet, I know Thomas S Monson is a True and Living Prophet I do have a perfect knowledge of the Savior his Love I know he has a Body and that He Lives, this Gospel is True the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only True and living Church on this Earth, the Gospel has Blessed my Life in many ways."

Thanks Teena for sharing your story!